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Webcomic:  Hot Garbage Comics

Creator:    Unknown

Format:  Around 1 to 6 panels

Updates:   2-3 times a month

Genre:   slice of life, comedy

Themes:   NRI (Non-Resident Indian), living abroard, life, comedy

Characters:   the creator, his family, his friends, various randos

Archive: Begins March 2017

This comic is updated only about 2 or 3 times a month.  It’s from the perspective of an Indian man living in Singapore.  It’s a mostly fun, slice of life comic that’s interesting because of the creator’s different cultural perspective.

Reading it felt very genuine to me.  There’s nothing here that felt contrived.  It all feels like he’s giving his honest opinion or recreating events in his life.  There’s a couple of weird ones, like this strip, which I also found funny.

From a purely functional standpoint, I think the comic would do better on its own site rather than on Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.  It kind of felt likes it’s just splashed all over the Internet.  Love the name, by the way and it taught me what NRI meant.  The creator is relatively new, so get in on the ground floor.  It should be easy to catch up on the archive.

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