Super Frat is based on the antics of Lambda Sigma Rho fraternity on the campus of Ryesmore University in upstate New York. It’s sort of like Animal House meets the Justice League. With great power comes great irresponsibility.  The strip is updated Tuesdays and Thursdays and the blog is posted daily.  Visit Super Frat on Facebook and check out our latest contests and discussion.  It’s like a virtual frat, except you won’t wake up in vomit the next day (probably).  You can also post a comment or email Tony.


1:  No Turd Unturned:  The first Super Frat story centered around an indestructible turd that would not flush down the frat house toilet.  Ira recruited pledges Norm and Jack to take care of it.  Meanwhile, Dick demonstrated his super powered farts.  Then a giant Nazi robot attacked Collegetown, forcing the bros to save the only place that’s convenient to buy beer.  Using Jack’s SCA costumes to disguise themselves, the bros eventually defeated the robot.

2:  An Army of Dumb: When two Army recruiters come to the Ryesmore University campus, the Dean immediately guides them toward Lambda Sigma Rho.  When Brother Ira finds out, he argues with the two female recruiters, then attempts to stage a protest.  Eventually, the recruiters find out that most of the Ryesmore student body are too dumb for the Army and all the recruiters really want to do is avoid being sent to Iraq.  Ira comes up with an elegant and sexy solution for the recruiters.

3:   When Niggaz Ruled:  While making the pledges clean the Egyptian wing of the Ryesmore University on-campus museum, Brother MPH and Biff accidentally uncover a magical chastity belt.  When Professor Mimi touches it, she instantly becomes Sobrietana, Egyptian Goddess of Temperance.  The bros and the pledges are sent back to Ancient Egypt where MPH makes the pledges build the pyramids and helps the Egyptians change history.  Unfortunately, the consequences of that cause MPH to give up his dream of having a harem and return to the modern day.

4: Don’t Try This At Home:  A short story that introduces Brother Werewolf, Kelvin and Dookie and their hobby of shooting YouTube Videos with Biff.  Unfortunately, Biff gets so horribly injured, no one believes the videos.

5:  Franken’Gine:  Brother Bitter decides to built his ultimate sex slave, but things go wrong when Count Steve steals the wrong brain from the science lab.  Franken’Gine, the hot monster, goes on a rampage, destroying campus property and cockblocking the bros.  Eventually, Rubber is recruited to seduce her, but as usual he passes the job to someone else.  Ironically, the monster ends up a regular fixture on the campus.

6:  Super Frat/Dick Masterson Crossover:  When the bros are framed for a prank they didn’t commit, only Dick Masterson, the world’s greatest chauvinist detective, can save the day!  Taking Bitter and Buzz under his wing, Masterson uses his chauvinist powers to solve the mystery…kinda.

7:  Sluggy Freelance/Super Frat Crossover:  Our good buddy, Pete Abrams, put me and illustrator Chris Moreno, in a Sluggy strip.  One of his characters killed us most gruesomely, so we decided to put him in as Professor Abrams.  The bros get our revenge!

8:  Mr. MPH Goes to Washington:  MPH gets an internship with the Obama White House, but right before he leaves he gets into a fight with Ira over politics.  MPH decides that Washington DC may be his new home and temporarily leaves the frat.  Along the way, he encounters one of the Gammas, Tyler Reuche, who was an intern for Bush.  Eventually, he grows increasing frustrated with the president, who he constantly interrupts on the toilet to state his displeasure.  Eventually, he decides that he has to save his cousin Phil from Afghanistan.

9:  Spring Break in Afghanistan:  Using his superspeed, MPH brings a bunch of the bros to Afghanistan to save his cousin, Phil, and Lambda Sigma Rho alumni, Sloppy Dave, when the soldiers get trapped by the Taliban.  Unfortunately, the bros aren’t much use in the hostile wilds of Afghanistan.  Eventually, the group manages to save the injured soldiers and rob the Taliban of what appears to be a truckload of hash.

10:  Back on Campus:  Brother MPH finds out his girlfriend cheated on him with Jack while he was away.  And the bros get high a lot.

11:  Enter Cold Butt!: The bros face off against a mysterious and disgusting new adversary with cold powers.

Other Stories

Spring Break South Padre: Rubber convinces Bitter to drive the bros to South Padre.  It goes well for everyone but Bitter.

Spring Break Daytona:  The bros debate their Spring Break plans, while Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld hit the beach!

The Andrew Meyer Strip: Dedicated to Andrew “Don’t Tase Me Bro” Meyer.

The Computer Virus:  While the upper classman were away, the campus caught a virus.

Mistah Shit Gets a Date:  Rubber sets up MS.

Dick Wants to be an Astronaut:  Indestructible Dick plans a trip to the moon.

Pledge Jack Gets Fired Up:  Jack tries to use his superpowers for good with disastrous results.

Brother Ira Goes to Wall Street:  Ira joins the Occupy Wall Street protest, but the bros follow.

Operation Bitter Gets Laid:  Bitter finds love and frustration because, well, he’s kind of a dick.