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Webcomic:  Apples & Swords

Creator:   S. Lecanth

Format:   Strips, mostly three panels

Updates:  Weekly-ish?

Genre:  Surreal

Themes:  Religion, Revolution, Humiliation

Characters:  Peanut guy, Hawknose guy, Stomach guy

Archive:  Goes back to mid 2014

I’m not sure what to make of this webcomic.  It seems to, at times, try to deal with ambitious themes and thoughts.  Maybe I’m not getting it.  Other times, it seems to try jokes that are a little more down to earth.  I think the comic could use a cast list, an About page and a little more info in general.  The three characters I mention did show up in the strips more than once, so there’s some kind of plan behind the comic madness, but whether or not it’s meant to be fully formed yet is another question.

I like the idea of a surreal webcomic, but make it too surreal and no one is sure what you’re talking about.  S. Lecanth seems to have put a lot of energy and time into his comics.  Maybe it’s time to put some of that energy toward the packaging, i.e. the website.  Some kind of clarification is needed in my opinion.  However, check it out.  For stoners, this comic is a must.

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