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Webcomic:  Spying with Lana

Creator:   Sean Harrington

Format:   Full color comic book pages

Updates:  Weekly

Genre:  Spy, comedy, cheesecake

Themes:  Spies, hot girls, the military, action

Characters:  Lana, Ashley, the Chief, various bad guys

Archive:  Begins October 2008

Although she is no relation to Lana Kane from the Archer series, Spying with Lana is about a smoking hot spy who uses her sex appeal and combat skills to complete her missions.  It very much a hot chick character that’s written by a guy.  That doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s actually kind of fun in a sort of R-rated, cartoon way.  It’s not as clever as, say, Archer, but it does have lots of action.  Sean is smart to start his stories with Lana in the middle of action and/or the middle of a mess.  He wastes no time getting thing started.

Details on “the agency”, where Lana works, are a bit vague.  I would like to see more of those kinds of details come out in the stories and have it mapped out on the website.  The design of the website and the characters is pretty great.  Sean’s art is solid and Hell and just getting better.  I enjoyed the comic, as I never tire of bouncing boobs in a story line, but I could see my wife reading this, rolling her eyes and clicking elsewhere.  On a scale of one to ten, Sean’s art is a 9, his action an 8, his comedy a 6 and his plot a 4.  A plot with a little substance would go a long way in making this entertaining carnival ride into more a complex piece of comic book art.

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