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Webcomic:  Basic Instructions

Creator:   Scott Meyer

Format:   Four panels

Updates:  Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Genre:  How To, Comedy

Themes:  Dating, Business, Revenge, Everyday life, etc.

Characters:  Scott, Missy, Rick

Archive:  Website goes back to 2006, Live Journal to 2003.

Basic Instructions is one of those staples of the webcomic world that should definitely be in your bookmarks.  Every strip is a How To Do “something”.  In the process of giving the instructions, Meyer makes a complete mockery of whatever he happens to be talking about.  Often the instructions are not to be followed or the characters end up hurting each other because of the advice.  It’s the stiff, How-To format that gives the comedy a boost and Meyer’s punchlines are often pretty on the mark.

Some of my favorite strips include How to Explain Yourself, How to Assume a Positive Point of View and How to Explain Your Personal Issues.  Meyer delivers on every level, consistently and funny.  Don’t miss Basic Instructions.

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