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Webcomic:  StBeals

Creator:    Stephen Beals

Format:  3-4 panels

Updates:  At least five days a week

Genre:  autobiographical (I think)

Themes:  slice of life

Characters:  Claremont, Harvey, Stephen (I think)

Archive:  Goes back to November 2013


Stephen Beals’ comics, I think, are about him.  There’s no cast list on the site, but he does have another site called Adult Children.  Beals does a gag-a-day strip about normal people observing about normal life things in funny ways.  Harvey, I think, is in a relationship.  Stephen (who looks like the artist and I assume is supposed to be him) is single.  They’re buddies.  Stephen is more of the “crazy” character, although Harvey seems to have his wacky adventures.  But when I say “wacky” it’s within the context of normality.  Claremont is Harvey’s dog and I only mention him because I know his name.

The artwork is pretty good.  Beals mixes up the layouts.  It’s in color, but that kind of sketchy and/or water color look.  It looks hand drawn for sure.  Not overly slick.  Some of the early strips are in black and white and I suspect the first strip was prior to the link above.  Sometimes he just goes off the reservation to do a stand alone joke.  He’s not bad.  Totally worth checking out.

The site could use some updating.  It’s pretty standard, but definitely needs a bio page and perhaps a more dynamic navigation feature.  I mean, it’s in order by date and that’s it.  Perhaps some milestones or important strips should be linked.  Check out Stephen Beals.  I kept calling his comic “Saint Beals” because of the website address.  I’d like to see more of the background of the characters Stephen.  Give us a link!

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