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Webcomic:  BarteNERDS

Creator:   Joe Simonetti

Format:  Color, three or four panel strip

Updates:  Mondays

Genre:  Comedy, slice of life, geek stuff

Themes:  Geek stuff, bars, video games

Characters:  Joe, redheaded girl

Archive:  Begins October 1, 2012

BarteNERDS is a slice-of-life webcomic about the author and his job as a bartender and his nerdy life.  Reading the About section, however, reveals that the comic is really more about the kind of life he’d actually like to have.  I think it’s a mixture of both his mental fantasies and what actually happens.

Joe plays a lot of video games, watches movies and TV.  His opinions come out in the comic and it’s not a bad take on nerd stuff.  The art has certainly progressed.  I guess I would like to see more of the bar job integrated in the comic more and I imagine if he did more than a semi-weekly post, the characters would progress more rapidly.

Overall, I’d say the comic is decent.  The website could use a cast list and perhaps Joe could explore the idea of creating a fictional girlfriend for himself.  So if you’d like to check out a webcomic with a long run, but not an overly huge archive, check out BarteNERDS.  There’s also some animated shorts and one episode of a podcast about Rick & Morty.

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