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Webcomic: Lunarbaboon

Creator:  Chris Grady

Format:  Multi-panel, usually four or more, some color

Updates:  About three times a week

Genre:  Comedy, autobiographical

Themes:  Fatherhood, family, work

Characters:  Lunarbaboon, his son and wife

Archive:  Begins July 9, 2012

I’ve been following Lunarbaboon off and on for at least a year on the Reddit r/webcomic boards where the creator usually posts with yours truly and everyone else in webcomics.  Lunarbaboon (read “Lunar Balloon” for a long time in my mind for some reason) is a light, funny comic about a family of three.  Although the creator calls the main character a half-man/half-monkey trying to make sense of it all.

Grady’s work has a nice arc to it artwise.  You can see it develop if you start in the archive and work your way to the current day.  He plays with color, dabbing it here and there as he needs, although the strip itself really isn’t in full color.  It’s more like a Sin City comic with one extra color thrown in to draw your attention to things.

Once in a while, the humor dips into some sad or a little dark, but for the most part it’s funny in kind of a homey, cozy way.  It’s no wonder he has many fans on Reddit and no doubt elsewhere.  If I had any complaint, it would be that Grady’s updates aren’t 100% consistent and I’m a fan of the navigation buttons, rather than the five strips per page that his current Tumblr-like layout uses.  These are minor qualms, however.  Grady has a unique and funny voice that should definitely be in your bookmarks.

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