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Webcomic:  The Obscure Gentlemen

Creators:    Aaron and Jason Alvarez

Format:  Three or more

Updates:  Weekly

Genre:  Comedy, satire

Themes:  Pop Culture

Characters:  Aaron and Jason Alvarez, Trevor, Joseph, asshole boss, etc.

Archive:  Begins September 23, 2009

I’ve been reading the Obscure Gentlemen on and off for years.  It’s a fun weekly comic that I never really took a closer look at until today.  Created by the Alvarez brothers, the webcomic is now some kind of tie-in to their podcast, which I assume is about comics and comics-related pop culture.  This one is one of my faves and totally true.

The current level of artwork is really sweet.  They’ve done a lot of cool things like take twitter posts and turn them into comics.  They’ve also had webcomic guest stars draw them.  Admittedly, sometimes I don’t get the joke.  Once in a while, it seems a little too inside or not a joke at all.  But more often than not, the bros are trashing something from pop culture as fanboys are wont to do.  They tend to trash the stuff I like to trash (like the Superman vs. Batman movie) so how could I not like it?

If I had to nitpick, I’d say it’s time for an archive update.  Something that would allow people to navigate the comics from the various eras, topics and themes.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to have a more detailed explanation of the comic itself.  Maybe less is more, but I imagine noobs would be a little confused with some of the inside strips.  Reading the blog is important for this comic, as it often ties into the comic.

But overall, it’s a fun and funny comic and you should check it out.

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