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Webcomic:  Heck If I Know Comics

Creator:   Charlie Higson

Format:  One to six panels, color

Updates:  Mondays and Wednesdays

Genre:  Comedy, Weirdness, Puns

Themes:  Dads, Family, Lots of Weird Stuff

Characters:  Charlie and various

Archive:  Begins March 2015

Heck if I Know Comics is a strange Tumblr site with pretty good navigation.  Normally, I avoid the Tumblr sites because I can’t find anything, but HIIKC is laid out well and that’s a huge plus.

For the most part, Charlie’s comics are color or at least partially colored in the early strips.  He seemed to start the site very strong and then slow down for a few months in the summer.  Now it seems he’s finally in a two day a week rhythm.

Higson’s strips are strange and funny.  They are often based on some kind of weird pun.  The father theme goes through several of the strips, including Dad-0-Ween.  Weirdness and funny run about neck and neck in this comic.  Other than appearances by Higson himself, there doesn’t appear to be any running characters, although some look similar so I might be wrong on that.  Higson’s art style is pretty distinctive and goes well with this hipster-esque, non-sequitur comic.

Bookmark it!  I think Higson may have just hit his stride.

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