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Webcomic:  Buni

Creator:   Ryan Pagelow

Format:   Comic strips

Updates:  Monday

Genre:  Comedy, silent, cute, dark, weird

Themes:  Animals, love, death

Characters:  Buni, Bunigirl, Bunidad, etc.

Archive:  Begins August 9th 2011.

Although the first strip is dated above, it’s number at 124, so Ryan may have a third, older site.  His newest site is hapi buni for Webtoons, which updates Sundays.  I’m assuming he’s doing this to generate more interest in the same characters.  I’m not sure why he doesn’t run this stuff on his old site.

Buni is a no-dialogue comic about a cute bunny character and his various mishaps.  It sometimes does get a little dark, but I think it is more weird and funny than dark.  Buni is a hapless character that finds himself in various circumstances that get him hurt, emotionally hurt, killed, stranded or whatever.  The art style is nice and simple and although the library is large, you’ll breeze right through it without dialogue to slow things down!

I like Buni because Buni is ultimately a happy soul who finds himself under extraordinary circumstances.  It’s also unexpected, which makes it more funny.  I don’t think it’s too dark for kids, but parents would have to make up their own minds.  Buni is always in my bookmarks and it should be in yours.  It’s cute, fun and funny.

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