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Webcomic:  Lemon Sandwich

Creator:   Matt

Format:  Usually 4 panels

Updates:  Daily?

Genre:  Comedy, Absurdity

Themes:  Weirdness

Characters:  Weird doughy characters

Archive:  Begins 2017?

Lemon Sandwich is a strange, absurdist webcomic.  It’s art is very clean and neat, which I like.  It’s mostly black and white, with color being added to accentuate certain things.  The humor is strange, weird, sad and status changing for the characters.

Matt’s Patreon is where he seems to communicate most.  He seems pretty ambitious.  I kinda wish his site had an about page and perhaps a better navigation for his archive.  Maybe it’s too new for that, but it would’ve helped to know when this started for the review.

Overall, I like the comics.  But I like the art more than the jokes.  The jokes are okay and some I didn’t totally get, but sometimes the visuals carry it through.  It feels little like the Nancy comic strip with some elements of Mr. Lovenstein.  I guess I would like to see Matt push the limits a little more.  I think it’s early in the strip’s history, so it could go in a lot of different directions.  I’m happy to see on the Patreon that Matt has plans to expand the universe.  I think expanding the universe would force him to do just that.

Definitely something to bookmark.  Why not?  It’s free!  Check out Lemon Sandwich!

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