Who makes this comic?

Super Frat is illustrated by Chris Moreno and written by Tony DiGerolamo.

Is there a real Lambda Sigma Rho fraternity?

Of course.  Would a fake fraternity have a real website?

Well, why haven’t I heard of Ryesmore University?  Where is it?

It’s in upstate New York.

Riiiight.  Then how did this webcomic come about?

Tony was doing a signing near the campus and ran into the bros.  He got invited to one of their parties, they stole his car—  It was all explained here.  Don’t you follow the Internet?

Weren’t you originally published by Silent Devil?

Yes.  We moved the comic to its own domain several years ago.  We still work with publisher, Christian Beranek.

What’s the deal with people joining the frat?

If you see Tony at a comic convention, he can induct you into Lamba Sigma Rho.  The bros made him 2nd Assistant Pledgemaster.

Do you have anything in print?

Yep.  We’ve printed two issues so far.  Email Tony if you need a copy.  There aren’t many left.

Will there be more?

Oh, sure.  We’ll announce it just as soon as its happening.

Do you have any other stuff to sell?

Yep.  Click “Buy Stuff” on the menu at the top.  We have shirts and frat paddles for sale.

How can I contact Chris Moreno?

You can visit his website or you can email Tony.  He’ll be sure to forward any relevant info to him.

Is this what you guys do for a living?

Tony and Chris are both busy freelancers, but the site does make money.  Click on the donate button and help us make more if you like.  It’s not tax deductible, but we’ll say, “Thank you!”

Is Super Frat part of The Webcomic Factory?

Yes, it’s an affiliate site.  You can visit the Webcomic Factory FAQ here.  It has the same paid sponsors.

Can I sponsor Super Frat?

Sure!  Just email Tony and he’d be happy to make arrangements.

I can’t sponsor you, but I want to help.  What can I do?

Thank you, bro!  Just spread the word!  Send the link to your friends, especially via social media.

Check out the Webcomic Factory Super Team and help us spread the word!

What was that super-secret Super Frat project Tony kept alluding to in the blog for a while?

Can’t really talk about it.

It’s a movie, right?

There’s always a potential for a movie or cartoon.  Behind the scenes, there has been some discussion.  When it moves beyond that, we’ll let you know.  Quite frankly, we probably won’t shut up about it.

I’m an artist, can I draw for you?

We post fan pin ups.  Send us one.  We’ll post it unless you draw cocks all over it or something.  Actually, we still might post it.

Want to do a link exchange?

Probably.  Send Tony an email.  Never hurts to ask.

Why isn’t there more titties and ass in the comic?

Cause it’s not fuckin’ porn, douche.  We thrown in titties when we feel like it, relax.

Why don’t the bros use their powers more?

Because they are some of the laziest motherfuckers on the face of the Earth.  That and they’re usually drunk.  In fact, Count Steve has never used his power in the comic.

I was deeply offended by your webcomic, who do I email?

You can send that to wedontgiveashit@lickoursweatyballs.com