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Webcomic:  Conspiracy of Birds

Creator:   Trevor McKee

Format:  One to around five panels, color

Updates:  Three to seven times a month

Genre:  Comedy, slice of life, autobiography

Themes:  Awkwardness, weirdness, webcomics

Characters:  Trevor McKee, Murbee, Nurse Beth and other friends

Archive: Begins in 2014 as Bird Pants

Trevor has a fun comic about himself and the various thing that bother him.  It’s usually four panels, but sometimes is more or less.  It was originally called “Bird Pants” and was in black and white.

The artwork is pretty good.  I think it works well with weird comedy.  The comedy is hit or miss.  It’s not really a stand out, but it’s fun.  You can tell Trevor is having fun and that’s half the battle.

I think what would help the comic tremendously is a cast list and some background on Trevor and the comic.  At least then, we can put it in context.  I don’t really like the navigation.  It would be better served on a WordPress site.  He’s got some really nice extras, but you have to cover the basics.  Plus I don’t get the title.  I mean, I guess it’s kind of a hipster thing.  And one thing he can do today: update on the same days consistently.  Take it from me, I learned the hard way!

Overall, why not visit Trevor’s site?  It’s improved from the beginning, no doubt he’ll continue to improve.

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