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Webcomic:  The Sorrowful Putto of Prague

Creator:   James Stafford, AJ Bernardo and others

Format:  Comic book pages, some color

Updates:  About twice a month

Genre:  Supernatural, superhero, fantasy

Themes:  History, Prague, magic

Characters:  Xavier the Putto, The Golem of Prague, Prague

Archive:  Begins April 25, 2014

I was hanging out on the message boards for thewebcomiclist.com, when I noticed someone posting about this comic.  I don’t normally take requests, but this was a great tip.  The Sorrowful Putto of Prague is a webcomic you can’t stop reading.  Top notch artwork and writing, Putto centers around a five centuries old cherub that protects the City of Prague.  He doesn’t always win, as the creature has lived through World War 2 and Nazi occupation, as well as the Soviet era.  It also had the Golem of Prague and a few other supernatural creatures.

Probably my only problem with the comic is the website.  It’s hard to read the lettering unless you click on the page and zoom in.  If I were James, I’d display the pages bigger or make the lettering bigger.  Still, it’s worth the extra clicking.  Bernando’s artwork is definitely professional and Stafford’s stories (it’s done in a series of short stories) are interesting and unpredictable.  The library is pretty short, but the quality is not to be denied.  Don’t miss this awesome webcomic.

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