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Webcomic:  Druid City

Creators:   Jeremy Satcher

Format:  black & white comic pages

Updates:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Genre:  Slice of life, drama

Themes:  Life, college, redemption, mystery

Characters:  Hunter, Wyatt, Jack, etc.

Archive:  Begins in 2010

Druid City is a webcomic, formatted in a series of graphic novels, about an investigative journalist.  Druid City is based on the author’s home town in Alabama.

Jeremy has a very strong webpage and a great about page.  One of the best I’ve seen.  Far too often, creators won’t even bother to fill this in.  Jeremy has six years under his belt, so obviously this is a labor of love.  It really shows.

The art style is pretty low key, but functional for the story.  So it could be better, but gets the job done.  The story, however, is extremely compelling.  Satcher draws you in with his imperfect protagonists, Hunter.  Hunter is an investigative journalist who left college in Texas before he graduated the graduate program.  He’s returned to Alabama and starts to immediately make waves.  But Hunter’s past is also problem, as he’s pissed off a lot of people along the way.

I think part of the appeal of this story is that Satcher has such a fleshed out world.  Five years updating 3 times a week on one story?  Whew!  That’s meaty reading!  It’s like reading a good drama over several seasons.  And Satcher takes his time building characters.  Doesn’t blurt everything out in a few panels.  He’s playing the long game here and it’s good.  Sometimes his art exceeds his grasp, but I think you can forgive it because the overall story is compelling and worth reading.  He has this interesting way of designing characters that’s part cartoon, but part geometric shapes.  Kind of like the difference between the American and the Canadian characters on South Park.

So if you’re tired of 22 page pamphlets, check out Druid City.  I couldn’t put it down.

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