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Webcomic:  Dodgy Comics

Creators:   Ruy Platt and Phou Camvan

Format:  various, mostly black and white and multi-panel

Updates:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Genre:  Comedy, science fiction, superhero

Themes:  Video games, movies, humor, comics

Characters:  Many, many characters

Archive:  Begins here.

Lots of different comics here, which I like a lot for obvious reasons.  It’s a great way to go because if fans don’t like one concept, they can check out another.  Plus it’s easier to end stories and start something new.  I read through Space Enablers.  It’s funny.  Makes light of video games and comics using aliens and I liked the look of it.  The Assorted was good too.  One panel gags.  There’s lots to check out here.

Guess the issue I have with the site is the navigation, which is something we’ve struggled with on both my sites.  Once you get a few different titles, you gotta be able to see them all.  The guys could use some buttons on the front page for each comic.  They have three, which is like the three major divisions.  I wouldn’t mind seeing text links of everything on the side.  I mean, the navigation’s not bad, but the archive page is a little too spread out.  Again, I’ve struggled with the same exact issues, so I’m not exactly sure of the answer.  Individual page links are useless for a narrative unless you bookmark where you left off.  But for gag-a-day stuff, it might make sense because each one is it’s own story.

That all being said, I don’t have the answers, but I do have the links and this is one you should check out.  Lots of different stuff.

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