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Webcomic:  Existential Comics

Creator:   Corey Mohler

Format:  Long comic book pages, mostly color

Updates:  Mondays

Genre:  metaphor, fables, morality tales

Themes:  philosophy, existentialism

Characters:  All the great philosphers

Archive:  Begins here not sure of the date.

It’s not often that you find a webcomic that will make you think as much as Existential Comics.  These comics will indeed hurt your brain and have you Googling five different things just to get the punchline.  They can be a challenge to read, but it’s a good kind of challenge.  One that rewards you with a kernel of knowledge at the end.

Created by Corey Mohler, this comics are similar to some of the ones at SMBC, but Mohler’s tone is more about the philosophy and existentialism and less about the joke.  For those of us that won’t get all references, Corey has added a hand addendum to the bottom of the comic.

Mohler’s art looks like shaky pen and ink mixed with a little water color, although it might be effects from a photoshop program, I’m not sure.  His artistic ability is limited, but he maximizes his resources in this area, adding little things for the background.

If I had to nitpick, Corey should tell us more about him and his philosophy regarding the comic in a nutshell.  There is a blog, but there should be a cliff notes version for new readers.  My guess is that he started this comic some time late 2013, early 2014.  Check it and get yourself a little education in the process.

I tend to like comics like this, even when most of it goes over my head.  I dunno, maybe it just makes me feel smart to read it, but I do like to learn new things.  Check it out.

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