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Webcomic:  Honey Dill

Creator:    Ryan & Laura Harby

Format:  Multiple panels, usually more than 3 or 4.

Updates:  Usually Sundays and Wednesdays

Genre:  Comedy, Satire

Themes:  Self, David Bowie, TV shows, Food

Characters:  The authors, David Bowie, Young David Bowie, various TV characters

Archive:  Begins February 2015

Ryan and Laura are some kind of creative team, but I’m sensing from the About description this is mostly Ryan’s work.  The format of the website is a little like that of the Oatmeal.  I’ve seen a lot of artists that go for that feel.  It’s not a bad one.  The Oatmeal seems to merchandise his comics quite well, why not do that?

The comics, like the Oatmeal, are pretty iconic.  They’re about things like getting home from work, additional funny things about Game of Thrones or Stranger Things and reoccurring bit called “Me vs. Me”.  But while the Oatmeal has a more ragged, animated style, Ryan’s is more stylized and under control if that makes any sense.  The Adventures of Young David Bowie were pretty amusing.  Old David Bowie goes back in time to find his younger self and sends him on an adventure.  A bit reminiscent of what the Venture Brothers did, but fun.

In some ways, Ryan is still trying to find his own distinct voice.  He’s funny, but maybe not all that distinct yet?  “Me vs. Me” is definitely a step toward that.  Rather than draw himself, he draws this cartoon representation of himself.  He’s only been at it for two years, but he has some funny stuff.  He’s definitely developing something here.  You should check it out.  The art and writing are very consistent.

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