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Webcomic:  Cancer Owl

Creator:   Matthew Paul Mewhorter

Format:  Color, multi-panel strips

Updates:  Twice a monthish?

Genre:  Slice of life

Themes:  Coping, family, friends

Characters:  Cancer Owl, Mrs. Cancer Owl, Daughter of Cancer Owl, various supporting animals

Archive:  Begins June 29, 2015

I gotta be honest and say when I first clicked the link, I had to click away.  It was a little too much.  I’ve had several relatives die of cancer.  This is a real slice of life comic in every sense of the word.  It’s raw and that rawness scared me.  But I composed myself and came back, because I think this is the kind of comic that should be lauded.  Something that’s hard to read for the subject matter, not the execution.

Matthew did this webcomic as a way to cope with his illness.  He’s a therapist as well as a cartoonist and I hope he continues with more of these fascinating strips.  His take on the people around him dealing with his illness is not to be missed.  And while some may have my initial reaction, you should soldier through like I did.  Because the comics, in the end, are a form a healing and they will make you laugh despite yourself.

This is as real as it gets and if the world of comics doesn’t give him some kind of award for this genuine, heart-felt effort (and I expect they won’t) shame on them.  This is why critics and reviewers and awards people need to seek out new talent and not just sit around waiting for fans to tell them what’s good.  This is a webcomic that needs to be read.  So shut up already and read his short library.  I give it my high possible recommendation.

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