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Webcomic:  Pete Meets

Creator:   Pete White

Format:   4 panel photo comic

Updates:  Weekly?

Genre:  Comedy, celebrities, satire

Themes:  self deprecation, celebrity bashing, parody

Characters:  Pete White and many famous people

Archive:  Begins here.

I will probably be doing the webcomic reviews on Saturday now, since Monday is a little too busy for me to read them.

Pete White is a comedian who has a webcomic starring himself.  Made in some version of photoshop, Pete photoshops himself with pictures of celebrities over backgrounds that he chooses.  It’s made in such a way that it is very obvious that it isn’t a real picture, since Pete reuses the same pictures in most panels, including the ones of himself.  While some might call that lazy, since the webcomic is meant to be funny, this just adds to the humor.  It gives it a very slap dash feel, which goes along with the topical comedy.

Pete’s style can get mean at times and a little edgy.  You might be offended, but that’s usually what a good comedian does.  As if this review, he has 47 installments and I thought they were pretty funny.  Of course, I’m a New Jersey stand up comedian, so my skin is thicker than most.  This photo comic definitely spoke to me and I’d like to see more.  Read it and maybe Pete will insert some newer pictures of himself.  But if you’re one of those thin-skinned trolls with a Twitter account, go back to yelling at people on Reddit or something.

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