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Webcomic:  Oglaf

Creator:   Trudy Cooper, Doug Bayne

Format:   Color, multiple panels

Updates:  Sundays

Genre:  Comedy, sex, fantasy, medieval

Themes:  Sex, men, women, relationships, magic

Characters:  Ivan, Mistress, Navaan, Greier and many others.

Archive:  Begins here sometime around 2010 or 2011.

Oglaf is a sometimes very racy webcomic that takes place in a medieval world where absurd and funny things happen.  Some stories last one page, while other are several pages.  Sometimes characters are one-shot appearances or they keep coming back.  A lot of the comedy involves people having sex, fetishes, magic or something medieval.

The webcomic is extremely funny and pulls no punches when it talks about sex.  It’s still pretty darned entertaining when it’s not about sex, but since sex stories are better than 50% of the run, I imagine people kind of expect a little nudity each time.  The artwork is super high, animation quality work from Trudy Cooper, who co-writes the webcomic with Doug Bayne, a writer/actor.  Both the creators are from Australia.

If you haven’t yet discovered Oglaf (and you’re not a prude) you’re in for a very pleasant surprise.  It’s one of those webcomics that’s extreme fun, funny and unpredictable.  You never know when it’s going to be a one-shot gag or a several page story.  Characters are liberally killed, so there is no one person to follow and there’s plenty of sex in many of the strips.  Read Oglaf.  It’s truly awesome.

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