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Webcomic:  False Knees

Creator:   Joshua

Format:   Comic strips and comic pages

Updates:  Monday or Tuesday, sometimes more

Genre:  Comedy, slice of life, commentary, satire

Themes:  Politics, absurdity, winter, animals

Characters:  Joshua, politicians, squirrels, cats

Archive:  Begins sometime in 2011.

False Knees is a very Canadian webcomic.  Specifically, it is a very Quebec Canadian comic.  The humor feels very European.  I’m not sure if some of the strips were meant to be funny, went over my head or were merely meant to be weird.  It appears in a Montreal newspaper call The Link.  I’m guessing that since Joshua has some strips that are really funny and very sharp, I just am missing the joke.  Like this strip, I really had to think about this and you have to know Settlers of Catan to get the joke and recognize the piece.  Very subtle.  I also have a great deal of respect for comic artists that attempt to tackle politics.  I know from experience that it’s tough, but it’s also something that I wish I saw more from in other creators.

A lot of False Knees is just funny and weird.  It does have a bit of a hipster vibe and I can see while the paper runs the strip.  I imagine it’s one of those newspapers one sees in trendy coffee shops and boutiques.  I used to read stuff like that in Philadelphia’s City Paper, which ran Tom Tomorrow.

Since the comic’s inception, Joshua’s art chops have been steadily increasing.  The current strips have great deal and color.  Some of the earlier strips were a little rougher and black and white, but it’s always interesting to watch a comic artist develop.  There’s a pretty solid library going a back about four years.  You should check it out, especially if you’re Canadian.  (The Rob Ford jokes will land better for you.)

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