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Webcomic:  Downhill Rage

Creator:   one Irish Fucker

Format:   Comic pages and strips

Updates:  Unknown, possibly 2 to 3 times a week

Genre:  Comedy, weird, awkwardness

Themes:  Being Irish, play on words, irony, anger

Characters:  Sloth, various humans

Archive:  Begins March 2015

Downhill Rage is gag-a-day style strip full of weirdness, anger and awkward puns.  It only has about two dozen installments, so now is the time to get in the ground floor.  I mean, some webcomic sites have such a huge library, it’s almost a chore to go through all the strips.  But here, if you like it, you can breeze through and add this to your bookmarks.

IF’s artwork and writing are still a little raw, but he’s got good energy.  And while not all the strips seem to hit the mark, most of them were funny or just weird.  (If you can’t be funny, at least be weird.)  I don’t normally like the tumblr webcomics, but this creator has a nice layout.  He just needs to expand upon the “About” section, maybe add some character bios and definitely add something about himself.

Beyond that, I liked Downhill Rage.  I think there’s a good chance this will continue to develop.  I like young creators with and edge.  Hopefully, IF will take it somewhere.

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