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Webcomic:  Forming

Creator:   Jesse Moynihan

Format:   Long Comic Book Pages

Updates:  About Weekly

Genre:  Science Fiction, Supernatural, Gods

Themes:  Gods, Aliens, Mind Bending

Characters:  Nommo,  Mithras, various primitive humans

Archive:  Begins January 14, 2009

Creator Jesse Moynihan also works on Adventure Time as a writer/storyboard artist.  The comic actually drew me in before that, but after I read the “About” section I realized the similarities.  If you’ve ever watch the more mind-bending episodes of Adventure Time with characters like the Cosmic Owl, that’s what Forming is like.

It takes place in Earth’s distance past and follows the visits of the main characters, who are powerful aliens.  These aliens are worshipped as gods.  Moynihan seems to be giving us the “real” story behind the various ancient god myths and their various kin.  Like Adventure Time, it’s a mix of weird, epic science fiction and direct, modern dialogue.  Moynihan tells the story without giving us the much larger back story, but that is clearly in the background of everything he writes.

Forming definitely has an Adventure Time look to the art, but less bright and cartoony.  It’s more R-rated (if not, X-rated), but that’s not the focus of the story.  It’s many layered reveals offers a lot to discover, whether it’s what character is tied to which ancient god or it’s some kind of half-dead alien holding a conversation with his other half-dead friend.  Whether your a fan of Adventure Time or are just looking for a webcomic with something different to offer, you should check out Forming.

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