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Webcomic:  Fowl Language

Creator:  Brian Gordon

Format:  Single to Four Panel, gag-a-day comic strips, color

Updates:  Mondays and Fridays

Genre:  Comedy, slice-of-life, autobiographical

Themes:  Fatherhood, family, work, geekiness

Characters:  A family of ducks that act like humans

Archive:  Begins July 22, 2013

Brian has got a good sense of human and finds some hilarious things to say, especially about fatherhood and living the life of a suburban parent.  His art style is simple and exactly what it needs to be.  The strip follows the same characters, but it’s a gag-a-day format, so storylines don’t last more than a day.  Still, he infuses a lot of character in Dicky Duck, his brother Tommy and his kids and wife.  I think his best strips are those when he’s talking about being a dad.

I really have no complaints about this strip.  (Although, Brian, if you see this, January 27, 2014 strip is down for some reason.)  Add Fowl Language to your bookmarks.