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Webcomic:  They Can Talk

Creator:   Jimmy

Format:  1 to 4 panels

Updates:  Once or more a month?

Genre:  Animals, Comedy

Themes:  Comedic Animal Situations

Characters:  Talking Animals

Archive:  July 25, 2005

The comic basically takes animals, gives them a voice and makes fun of their weird situation.  Or, sometimes, the comic puts human traits to the animals and makes a joke about that.  It’s apparently insanely popular and has a book out.

I’m not sure how it go to be so popular when the updates are so sporadic.  I do like the artwork.  The jokes are hit or miss for me.  I like that it stays in its one area.  I mean, it’s the sort of jokes that are inoffensive and might show up on a greeting card or calendar.

Why not check it out?  You can binge read the entire run in probably less than an hour.  Maybe I’m missing something, but they’re okay.  They have a video on the About page about Cats and Dogs that I liked.


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