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Webcomic:  Tales of Absurdity

Creator:   Alexander Hoffman

Format:   Mostly three panel strips

Updates:  Weekly-ish

Genre:  Comedy, Satire, Puns, Absurdity

Themes:  Work, animals, movies, etc.

Characters:  Random people and animals, according to the gag

Archive:  September 1, 2013

ToA is a gag-a-week comic strip that’s meant to be absurd and it is.  Hoffman’s gags range from bad puns to something close to a Perry Bible Fellowship visual.  His artwork is spot on, energetic and probably adds a good 20% to the gags when they fall flat.  I liked most of them.  Some made me really laugh.  A few I just sorta went “Wha-?” and clicked away.

The schedule is almost weekly.  Sometimes it’s eight days in between or five.  I like to see the strip go at least twice per week, as I think the later strips are getting better.  The archive is a decent size, but you can get caught up in an hour or so.  This is one to invest in, as I think it’s pretty decent, but has some room to grow, so bookmark it, bros.  Why not?  It’s free!

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