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Webcomic:  The Sisters

Creators:   Peter Violini, Brian L. Richmond

Format:   Comic book pages, color

Updates:  Fridays

Genre:  Urban fantasy

Themes:  Siblings, family, magic, modern day life

Characters:  Erin, Jam, Beatrice

Archive:  Starts probably in 2014, 64 posts as of this review.

The Sisters is about a group of modern day witches that live in the Boston area.  The mostly foul-mouthed O’Sullivan girls have a gift for magic because of their bloodline.  They live in a world in which witches live in a secret society that’s pretty casual.  The modern day stuff gives it a good twist and the sisters feel like characters with powers, rather than powerful people that are sometimes characters.

The strong female leads are fun and they have a lot of personality.  Violini and Richmond are taking their time and have so far posted two chapters and a side story.  I assume it’s all leading somewhere, but right now I’m enjoying the ride.  The artwork and writing are both very solid and I could see a really good graphic novel coming out of this.  Definitely check out The Sisters.

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