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Webcomic:  Stupid Snake

Creator:  Aviv Itzcovitz

Format:  Full page black and white, no dialogue

Updates:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Genre:  Fantasy, adventure

Themes:  Fantasy, friendship, romance, revenge, dragons

Characters:  Elf girl, snake dragon, troll-like creature, guy who rides a duck

Archive:  Begins June 21, 2010 to May 6, 2014

Sadly, Stupid Snake hasn’t updated since last may, but reading Israeli artist, Aviv Itzcovitz’s archive is a good read.  Aviv’s artwork is spot on.  It’s beautiful black and white work that reminds me a little of Dave Sim’s Cerebus in the later years.  There is no dialogue, but there are occasional picture word balloons to get a point across, but Aviv’s facial expressions and gestures do most of the work.

The story begins kind of silly, with a troll-like guy sitting under a bridge.  Aviv definitely takes his time, allowing the reader to absorb all the visuals of the character and sometimes lingering on a scene.  The world expands as the comic progresses, introducing character after character and even providing some back story.  There is the elf girl and her father, who acquires the baby by quite fantastic (and classic fantasy) means.  There is a town, but most of the action takes place in the wilderness.  It does get very blood from time to time, but not overly so.  I have to admit, Aviv’s story telling abilities had me hooked and by the time one of the bloody scenes came, I genuinely gasped after I clicked.

Aviv posted in the comments section on the most recent page on January 15, 2015, so he hasn’t abandoned the site yet.  I think there is hope he will return to the project, but you should get to reading it ASAP.  For fantasy fans, this is a must.

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