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Webcomic: Waffles & Pancakes

Creators:   D.T. Saranya

Format:  color comic, 3+ panels

Updates:  Sundays

Genre:  Slice of life, college

Themes:  Friendship, character study, comedy

Characters:  Aiden, Kaia,

Archive:  Begins December 21, 2015.

Waffles & Pancakes is a bit of a hipster comic that could use a better title.  Other than that, it’s quite well done.  It’s about two lifelong friends (Aiden and Kaia), who are both very different.  Aiden is a bit of a goof, but Kaia is dark and brooding.  Together, they go to college where they are figuring things out.  D.T. is only up to 18 installments, so now is perfect time to get on board.

I’m loving the history of these two characters and the interesting thoughts that run through Aiden’s head.  The artwork is solid and is bound to get better.  I would like to see it go more than once a week, but the quality is definitely there.  The nice thing about a webcomic like this, you can really explore the main two characters and their long history just adds to the enjoyment.  Bookmark this one.  I predict big things if D.T. sticks with it.

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