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Webcomic:  Bearded Comics

Creator:   ?

Format:  Two to around five panels a strip

Updates:  Three to five times per week

Genre:  Comedy, weirdness, puns

Themes:  Taking things literally, nonsense, puns

Characters:  Guys with beards mostly

Archive:  Begins July 13, 2015.

What may be the ultimate hipster comic, Bearded Comics features an iconic group of characters that are littler more than hats, beards, noses and coats.  The About section really needs improvement as all is says is “All about potato, bazooka and heavy machinery.”  Not sure what the creator is going for there.  Part of the problem with putting jokes in the About section is that they never change, so whatever joke you manage to pull off tends to get old really fast.  People are generally interested in the artist if they are interested in the work, so it seems a shame the artist expects us to dig beyond this just to find out his name and/or is his deal.

The iconic beard guys are fun precisely because they all look the same.  It’s like a strange world of aliens that all look the same.  When it is required to distinguish one (like the king character), the creator simply puts on a crown.  You can have a lot of fun with these types of characters.

The artwork is competent enough and contains a splash of color here and there.  I would like to see the writing improve or a get a little more ambitious.  I’m not huge fan of puns.  They get tired for me real fast.  And I have no idea what “potato beer” is, which is mentioned in the nearly blank FAQ.

The jokes are amusing at times, although I think the creator could do more.  Give us some more detail about this strange world and why you created it, would be a start.  I think if he’s going to stick with puns, he should really pun it up.  Just make it relentless amount of horrible jokes, like the movie Airplane.  Either that or maybe make them more, I don’t know, ambitious?  Seems with the iconic look of the characters one could do something more.

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