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Webcomic:  Gone Into Rapture

Creator:   a man

Format:   Two to sixish comic panels, gag-a-week

Updates:  About weekly

Genre:  Comedy, weirdness, puns

Themes:  Religion, God, Superheroes

Characters:  Sloths, Superheroes, God

Archive:  Begins January 31, 2014. 109 strips as of this writing.

Gone Into Rapture does touch on religion and religious themes, but in a funny way and not in a way that beats you over the head with a Bible.  Although the title implies that the webcomic is religious, it’s not really.  I think the author just has a religious background of some sort.

The humor is along the lines of Amazing Superpowers or Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.  It hits about 50% of the time with me, but the jokes did improve as the comic progressed so that’s a good sign.  With just a 100 or so strips, it’s a nice sized library, but one you can easily catch up on.

The artwork is basic, but solid enough for gag-a-strip stuff.  Some of it is black and white, but I think more than half was in color.

I’d like to see GIR post more consistently and I think the author does himself a disservice by not telling us who he is.  But hey, some people like to be mysterious I guess.  If you really want to know, I suppose you can ask him on Twitter.  Overall, I think a solid entry and worth bookmarking.

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