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Webcomic:  Bigfoot Justice

Creator:   Mike Salcedo

Format:   Color, one to four panel strips

Updates:  Fridays

Genre:  Comedy, puns, absurdity

Themes:  Race, pot, loneliness, masturbation, etc.

Characters:  The creator, his friend and various supporting characters

Archive:  Begins here in 2014

Bigfoot Justice is genre of webcomic I like to call “hipster comic strip”.  It tends to have a non-sequitur title and is a gag-a-day type strip.  It tends to be done by an artist/writer who is young, lives alone and does a lot of gags about being in your 20’s.  The great thing about hipster comic strips is that the creator is young, new and connects well with the webcomic audience at large.  The only real downside is, it’s hard for webcomics to accumulate an audience because of the title.  Titles are important and it can make people judge the comic strip before they even read it.  I don’t know, it just bugs me.

Salcedo’s humor is pretty on the mark.  For me personally, I’d say 8 out of 10 for the jokes.  The artwork is solid enough for comedy and getting better.  I like the style.  His format jumps around from three panels, to one and then more than three.  It doesn’t bother me, but he may have trouble down the road putting together a print book if he decides.  The comic only started up last year (I think), so the library is small enough to catch up on quick.  I think this one is going somewhere so hop on board early.  Salcedo’s style is emerging and it’s always an interesting process to watch.

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