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Webcomic:  Tower 25

Creator:   Pajamas Von Patten

Format:  Zine-style, some color, 1 to 3 panels per page

Updates:  Wednesdays and Saturdays

Genre:  Autobiographical

Themes:  Addiction, homelessness

Characters:  The creator

Archive:  Begins here

Using an impressive website display, Tower 25 is an autobiographical comic about PJ that’s recently started.  He’s writing from memory, right off the top of his head, and it gives the comic a very loose feel.  At the same time, it feels very genuine.  This seems to be coming from the heart.

Autobiographical comics (for me) range from the dull to the amazing and this is definitely one of the amazing ones.  Clearly, the author has been on a traumatic journey and I am riveted to find out how he was able to go from living on the street as a drug addict to where (I assume) he is now, which much be much better.

As a fan of the reality show, Intervention, this comic definitely captured some of that drama.  PJ’s art style is still just developing and we’re only a 14 pages into his Zine-style (almost a panel per page) format.  But I think this is one to watch.  It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out and the website layout—  Well, it’s just awesome.  I wish I could copy it for my own stuff.

Check out Tower 25 and get in on the ground floor of something, I think, looks pretty special.

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