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Webcomic:  RaphComic

Creator:   Raph

Format:  mostly color strips of 2 to 6 panels

Updates:  Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Genre:  Comedy, puns and sometimes wistful

Themes:  Drawing comics, video games, life

Characters:  Raph and various people around him?

Archive: Begins November 8, 2017

Raph definitely has a great sensibility and a good sense of humor.  He’s not all straight up comedy, however.  He mixes in these sort of nice strips that are more symbolic, I guess?  Like Bicycle of Life.  He’s keeping a pretty consistent three day a week schedule, which is good.  His comedy tends to rely on old sayings like this one.  I’ve seen stuff like that before, but his seems really fresh and original to me.  I guess he’s doing different sayings.

I’m not sure who his characters are, but I assume they are based on him and his friends.  He has different characters with different shaped heads or hair.  Sometimes he draws birds or other animals or whatever strikes his fancy.  Less than a year old, he has a solid library that’s totally worth checking out.  Big thumbs up for RaphComic.  It’s on Webtoon, which is fine, but I would imagine he could sustain his own website and gain a following there.

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