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Webcomic:  Things in Squares

Creator:   Cale

Format:  Three to 6+ panels, color

Updates:  Tuesdays and Thursdays

Genre:  Comedy, Strangeness

Themes:  Puns, Technology, Weirdness

Characters:  Rupert, Godzilla, Jonsy, squares and various

Archive:  Begins March 27, 2014

Things in Squares is an odd little webcomic that updates twice a week.  The author describes it as “disturbing”.  I guess there were a few disturbing strips.  A few I didn’t get.

The artwork is pretty basic, but it’s consistent and works for the comic.  It definitely has it’s own look.  Some of the strips have way more details than others.  The stick figure ones seem to be more broad and the detailed ones seem to have more a specific joke.  It’s kind of proportionate that way, which is kind of interesting.

Cale also does a lot of strips on technology, which he seems to have mixed feelings about.

Overall, I like this comic, even when I miss a joke.  The ones that get posted on Reddit are often the best, but it’s definitely worth bookmarking.  Read all the things!

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