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Webcomic:  Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Creator:   Zach Weiner

Format:   Single to Multi-panel Strips, color

Updates:  Daily

Genre:  Gag-a-day, comedy, satire

Themes:  Physics, God, Philosophy, Geek stuff

Characters:  Except for some of the early strips, there aren’t really reoccurring characters in SMBC

Archive:  September 5, 2002

Still one of the most popular and funniest webcomic on the Internet, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is still churning along with no end in sight.  If you’ve never read it, you have a lot of catching up to do, but the good news is that going through the library is a lot of fun.

Weiner’s strips are stand alone (except for a few very early strips that precede the current run).  He likes to make heady jokes about physics, philosophy and/or geek related topics.  One of my favorites involves Superman.  They figure if Superman can power an unlimited power source using his powers, crime will evaporate and the human race will move forward.  It works and Superman eventually becomes obsolete.  When he finally dies, he’s only remembered as an alternate energy source.  (I couldn’t find the link.  There’s just so many strips!)

So Zach does a lot of thinking about weird things and that’s why I like the strip.  The art is pretty basic and straight forward, but just right for the gag-a-day format.  It’s got a lot of good energy to it.  It feels a lot like the comedy sketches he eventually added (called SMBC Theater).  Like his comics, they are funny, manic and pretty weird.  Zach deserves his own comedy show and if not, his own Kentucky Fried-esque movie.

If you haven’t read SMBC, you should.  You’ll be glad you did.

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