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Webcomic:  The Frumps

Creator:  Saeed Faridzadeh

Format:  Three panel strips, color

Updates:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Genre:  Comedy, Gag-a-day

Themes:  Geek stuff, vulgarity, girlfriends

Characters:  Lance, Virgil and Kim

Archive:  Begins August 11, 2011

Self described as “Adorably Vulgar”, the Frumps is about two geek roommates and the one roommate’s girlfriend, Kim.  There are a handful of other supporting characters, but Lance and Virgil are the main players throughout the strip.

Saeed has improved his artwork and lettering over the years.  Lance and Virgil do have a strange design to them.  One is blue and one is green.  They look like upside down poops with floating hands, feets and two eyes on top.  The rest of the supporting characters live in a “normal” world, not unlike Family Guy, which is also populated with the occasional talking animal.  I’m not sure if this design was just a matter of what Saeed could draw at the time or a conscious decision to make them look alien, but most of the supporting cast, especially in the later years, seem to be more clearly drawn and mostly human.

The tag line pretty much sums it up.  The Frumps are adorably vulgar and funny.  Saeed just seems to come out of nowhere with some of his bits.  I especially like this fish one.  The vulgarity can be over the top at times, like in this strip called Golden Years and some of the early strips seem to pander a little to geek stuff.  Overall, I think Saeed has developed his wit, even if he does like to drop in lots of F-bombs.  Personally, it doesn’t bother me, but other, more prudish readers may be put off.

After five years, I think it’s time for Saeed to give us a greatly updated cast list.  I know it’s one of the more popular feature of my sites.  Beyond that, I think Saeed’s strip is one of the tireless, disciplined creators that cranks it out three times a week.  He gives exactly what he advertises and I gotta respect that.  Give him a click.

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