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Webcomic:  übertool 

Creator:  Mark Glavin

Format:  Two or more panels, black and white (with a splash of color)

Updates:  Saturdays and more

Genre:  Comedy, satire

Themes:  Pop Culture, hypocrisy, weirdness

Characters:  Random characters

Archive:  130 strips begins November 12, 2013

übertool is a gag-a-day comic with a unique art style that really grew on me.  One of my Twitter friends, Mark Glavin, draws it.  It doesn’t really have a common thread, it’s a pretty straight forward gag-a-day format, but I think Mark puts in a lot of good effort in his strips.  Sometimes the jokes get very weird and I’m not sure what they’re about.  A lot of times, the pay off doesn’t come until the very end.

Art snobs will (and have) complained on places like Reddit, but those people are missing out.  Glavin’s work is consistent and the style is unique, that’s the most important thing.  I can spot on of his comics from a mile away.  That’s what makes it an übertool strip.

The strip is done on WordPress, but the layout is pretty Spartan.  I think he could use an About page and a Creator page (if only to get his name out more and associate it with the comic).  Honestly, I interacted more with Mark on Twitter, than I associated him with his comic.  Then recently, I saw a link on Reddit and thought I’d review it.  When I couldn’t find a Creator page, I clicked on the Twitter feed and was like, “Oh, yeah.  That’s Mark’s comic!  Duh!”  For that reason alone, he probably needs a “By Mark Glavin” in giant letters near the logo.

His characters don’t really repeat that I’ve seen, although I think Officer Bear needs to return.  But over all, his website design is clean and distinctive.  I think he could use a few ads to make some money, if nothing else so he could update more.

Go visit Mark’s funny comic.  It deserves your clicks.

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