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Webcomic:  Holding Pattern

Creator:  F.T. Benjamins

Format:  Full page (or more), color, narrative

Updates:  Sundays and sometimes more?

Genre:  Crime, action, comedy

Themes:  Crime, politics, the military, sex, justice

Characters:  A female ex-soldier in federal prison, other inmates and her lawyer

Archive:  Begins October 1, 2014

One of the things that drew me into Holding Pattern was that it was the continuation of the story of one character from a previous webcomic called Let it Ride.  Let it Ride (which I haven’t finished reading, although I foolishly read the final 12 pages first) was a whole Mafia, crime, chase thing.  Tona, the main character in Holding Pattern, was one of the main characters in Let it Ride.  The violent climax of the previous story is what puts Tona in jail.  Most creators would’ve glossed over that or have all the characters skate.  F.T. makes it more interesting, I think, in exploring what happens to Tona after being tossed into federal prison.

The weakest part is probably F.T.’s artwork, but what he lacks in depth and detail, he makes up for in pace and enthusiasm.  He’s also not afraid to explore characters with political leanings that aren’t his own.  (Well, I’m assuming some of them aren’t.)  I know from personal experience that putting politics in your comics can turn certain readers away.  I feel it adds more depth if used correctly and I think F.T. does a good job.

Story wise, the plot twists and turns.  F.T. likes to throw in a joke or a least a revelation each page.  Sometimes a joke will undermine the seriousness of the story, but for the most part, I could forgive it.  F.T. drives forward, unashamed and confident that he knows where this story is going.  I gotta admire that.

Art junkies will probably be turned off by F.T.’s basic style, but that’s not what it’s about.  It’s about the story and for that, F.T. has depth.  Besides, his art is improving and it’s only going to get better.  Click on Holding Pattern and go back and read Let it Ride too.

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