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Creator:   Georgia Dunn

Format:   Color, hand drawn, 6+ panels

Updates:  Tuesdays and Thursdays

Genre:  Comedy, news parody, cuteness

Themes:  Cats, slice of life

Characters:  Lupin, Puck, Elvis, Tommy, Figaro, Tabitha and some people

Archive:  Begins March 12, 2014

BREAKING CAT NEWS is a webcomic about the creator’s three cats who do the news from her house.  Except, you know, they’re cats.  What I mean by that is, they’re not doing the news on the level of say, a human would.  They only do stories that really appeal to cats in this particular house and from a very cat perspective.  So the kind of news they cover is “What’s in a box?”, “There’s a spider on the ceiling”, “the man is opening a can of something” and “the woman is making the bed”.  It’s pretty hilarious, especially if you own or owned a cat.

The cats don’t understand the humans, so they are often frustrated by their various news stories.  Like “Cats everywhere have been locked out of the bedroom”.  I read through the archive and I couldn’t stop.  It’s impossibly cute as well, with cats in little suits, holding tiny microphones with a “CN” (Cat News) logo.  I’m pretty sure I could read this comic every day and so should you.

When it comes to comedy, I have a very high bar, but I laughed through every one of these strips.  Unless you’re a soulless automaton bent on world destruction, you’re going to love BREAKING CAT NEWS.  Read it.

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