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Webcomic:  Extra Fabulous Comics

Creator:   Zach

Format:  Usually around 3-4 panels, sometimes more, sometimes color, sometimes b/w

Updates:  Once or more a month?

Genre:  Comedy, Puns, Weirdness

Themes:  Wordplay, Absurdity, Every Day Weirdness

Characters:  Zach (I think), the bro character, various other people

Archive: Unknown

I would estimate that Zach has been cranking out comics for at least three years, maybe more.  Sometimes he really finishes the artwork and other times it looks like they were drawn ten minutes before deadline on a napkin in the parking lot.  That’s not to bash those strips.  Zach has a very sparse and simple style of artwork and this kind of gag-a-day style comic doesn’t particularly need super detailed work.

The comic is very funny.  It does stuff about word play.  Once in a while, he does a strange video.  As of this review, he has over 500 installments.  It’s very random, so don’t expect a storyline, but do expect to laugh.

Definitely bookmark Extra Fabulous Comics.  He updates whenever, but it’s worth searching out when it does.

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