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Webcomic:  Rustled Jimmies

Creator:    Sam Pratt

Format:  Usually around 5 or 6 panels

Updates:  Weekly-ish

Genre:  Comedy, Satire

Themes:  Fear, Death, Polar Bears

Characters:  Mostly random fat guys

Archive:  Begins August 7, 2017


Sam Pratt has a unique and animated drawing style that I enjoy.  It takes his jokes to the next level.  His jokes are pretty solid, sometimes a little dark and sometimes a little obscure and absurd.  Even when his jokes are little disturbing or not quite on the mark, his art brings it the rest of the way.  His style of writing and art reminds me a little of the Oatmeal sometimes.

The webcomic only started last summer, so this is a perfect time to get on the ground floor.  You can also donate to his Patreon to keep the comic going.  Hopefully, this will encourage him to be more consistent with updates.

Cool stuff.  Don’t miss it.

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