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Webcomic:  PortugueseGeese

Creator:    Joe Holtby

Format:  Four panels

Updates:  3 or 4 times a month?

Genre:  Comedy, Satire

Themes:  Movies, cellphones, life

Characters:  The author, various characters

Archive:  Begins November 2017

Okay, right out the gate the navigation needs work on this side.  It’s strange.  For my screen, the thumbnails were enormous.  There weren’t that many and they should fit on the screen.  From a purely navigational standpoint, the entire site’s confusing and needs a complete reorganization.  Joe, I recommend Word Press.  I use it all the time and it archives things automatically.  Seriously, you should consider it.  It’s kind of hurting your site.

That being said, the comics are good.  Funny.  Wacky kind of random stuff that Joe comments on in his life.  Little things, like the guy who drops exact change on the counter instead of giving it to the clerk directly.  The guy who wastes his “back in time” moment to correct himself from mis-speaking.  The artwork is color, pretty solid, gag-a-day stuff.

I would also suggest that you get on a regular schedule.  Weekly at first and then, hopefully, you can increase to twice or three times a week.  I think Joe has a bigger archive than two months, but the navigation completely confused me, so I’m not sure.  But what the Hell, check it out, it’s free.

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