Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is actor, Alfred Molina, AKA: Dr. Octopus!  Let’s see what he’s tweeting!


10 hours ago:  “Just found out I’m dead! Some fan site has me brown bread since last week. Funny, coz I feel great!!”

Time to play Mark Twain in a play or something.

8 hours ago:  “After seeing my demise announced on a fan site, the depressing thing is how many ‘likes’ the news received.”

It’s weird.  I just saw you in Feud.

6 hours ago:  “But if the GOP is so keen for us to b a ‘Christian’ nation, then surely the answer is ‘yes’. State+Church=hypocrisy .”

Eh.  It’s all about money.

6 hours ago:  “Thanks! And I love your profile pic, btw!!”  (Re:   If you see a light, don’t walk towards it. Same for any spikes in ancient mayan temples. Bloody loved your Doc Ock btw!)

Those sunglasses were badass.  Guess you didn’t like the Roy Orbison haircut.  Don’t blame you for losing it.

6 hours ago:  “Of course, but no longer resident in the UK, so not likely.”  (Re:   You would be a great Doctor Who. Would you consider it?)

Now that would be interesting.  I mean, John Hurt was already in it.  Why not?

2 hours ago:  “Genuine question. What EXACTLY are homophobes afraid of? And what is it about gayness that makes them so angry? Genuine questions. No rant.”

Maybe it’s all the fashion sense?

2 hours ago:  “I can see how that reading could confuse you! :)”  (Re:   I glanced at this too quick & read homophobes as germaphobes…I became very confused by the rest of the tweet!)

But the fact that you know that means you already read it correctly.

1 hour ago:  “Just a genuine question. No rants…”  (Re:   – Is this the thread where we accuse all heterosexual men of being afraid that they themselves might be gay?)

Careful Alfred.  You know any idiot can have a Twitter account, right?  I mean, there’s NO screening process.

1 hour ago:  “Ok, but why should that make someone afraid?”  (Re:   They find the notion of men having sex together disgusting and morally delinquent.)

I don’t think you’re going to get a satisfying answer.  I mean, anyone that’s really thought about it, probably isn’t a homophobe.

1 hour ago:  “I have always found that amazing, as if being gay is something you might catch, like a cold. Some very interesting comments. Thanks.” (Re:   They think, if they live and let live, homosexuality will get out of hand, and the world as we know it will cease to exist.)

I don’t think they think that far into the future.

1 hour ago:  “And believe me, I’ve done some terrible ones in my time.”  (Re:  I could watch act any script ever written. For reals. Even the terrible ones. )

Really good in Feud.  Keep killing it, Alfred!

Okay, let’s rate Alfred’s tweets.  Very responsive to fans.  Lots of tweets.  I give him a 6 for Insanity, an 8 for Style and a 10 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 8, follow Doc Oc!

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