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Webcomic:  The Bouletcorp

Creators:   Gilles Roussel

Format:  black & white, color, multi-panel

Updates:  About twice a month

Genre:  Slice of life, comedy, biographical

Themes:  Shower thoughts, slice of life, comedy fantasies, art

Characters:  Boulet, various random characters

Archive:  Begins January 2004.

Boulet is a French comic artist that does his webcomic in Japanese, French and English.  His themes are about life and tend to be pretty universal.  It’s a very high quality, biographical webcomic, where the artist does random funny things that strike him.  This recent entry was one of my favorites.

Boulet’s art is top notch and in the world of webcomics, he’s pretty well known.  He was one of the first French comic creators to put his work on line.  He’s done a ton of other work.

If I had to nitpick some stuff regarding his site, I would say I’d like to see him update more regularly and that he add an “About” page regarding the comic and himself.

I think the most interesting thing about Gilles’ work is that this is just a sideline, something he does in his spare time.  His other stuff must be insanely good if this webcomic is just his spare time stuff.  His archive is awesome and you should read it.  I would compare it to Virus Comix and Subnormality.  He’s all about quality over quantity.

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