Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is a mix of Max Mad and zombie movies. In fact, this would be the perfect concept to make a big, Hollywood sequel, with tons of zombies and cars and desert.

The basic premise: The zombies are the result of an airborne virus that effects everyone except those of a specific blood type. The main character, Barry (played intensely by Jay Gallagher), fights his way through zombies to save his sister. In the process, he discovers that zombie fumes can be used as fuel. It’s a different take.

The plot points are a bit threadbare and things just sorta, kinda, barely come together. But that being said, it’s still way more fun than things like The Walking Dead. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and actually adds a few unique moments to the zombie genre.

I watched it on Netflix and it’s totally worth a look if you enjoy zombies.