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Creator:   Will, Ray and Raf

Format:  One to around six panels, black and white, wordy

Updates:  Two to eight times a month.

Genre:  Comedy, commentary, satire

Themes:  The Internet, life, annoying people

Characters:  Stick figures

Archive:  Begins January 8, 2009

DOGHOUSEDIARIES is a stick figure comic strip that’s a little like XKCD with less science and more cynicism.  It also has a little bit of the Oatmeal, in that it explains things, sometimes with non-stick figure illustrations and charts and it can get pretty wordy at times.  Some of the strips were educational, but most were pretty funny.  There’s a six year archive here, so I could only read so many in a sitting.

It looks like they stopped creating new ones back in mid-August.  They used to do three times a week, but scaled back due to life and I imagine just being a little burned out.  They could definitely use a blog or a more expanded “About” page.  The three creators are also working on some kind of app or webpage called forekast.  But like I said, there’s a six-year backlog here to check out and the writing is pretty solid.  The artwork is mainly stick figures, but it’s functional enough to get the joke across.

DDH has been around a while.  I think I’ve stumbled across the site a few times over the years.  I hope the guys continue on with it.

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