Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Lucky Yates, voice of Kreiger on Archer.  He’s funny on the show, let’s see what he’s tweeting!


August 6th:  “I’m Scott Walker and I have no heart. Who cares? Not me, I’m Scott Walker.

Cheney had to put his brain into another body eventually.

August 6th:  “And for the first time in history, a Bush correctly used the word “languish”. Jeb is best Bust.

As in, “I languish for the days when my father was president.”

August 6th:  “”We’re a buch of fucking dipshit idiots, you dumb fucking assholes. What is wrong with you pieces of shit? Vote Trump.” -Trump

Trump may be a monster, but he’s a charismatic monster.

August 6th:  “If you’ve been following this debacle with me tonight, thanks. I’ve had a blast. Big ups to for being an inspiration, always.”

Patton is everywhere.

August 6th:  “For anyone who missed the tonight, I shit you not, it was EXACTLY like this.

Either that or Burns’ league.

August 9th:  “Sundays by the pool with Abe.

Aww!  Doggie!

August 9th:  “Watching Strangers On A Train on . I wish they made merry go rounds that went that fast in real life, flinging people off and whatnot.”

I wish they made strangers more gutsy.  You’d never believe how many people you have to meet to get a “yes!”.

August 9th:  “God dammit, is just so perfect.

It really is.  It hit its prime in the 2nd season.

August 10th:  “Did I spend all night listening to music? Yep yep yep.”

Probably doing some gun mods.

2 hours ago:  “Man I move around a lot when I talk. ”

That’s because you’re animated!  Get it?!

Okay, let’s rate Lucky’s tweets.  Opinionated, included interviews and lots of fun stuff in just a short run.  How can you not love Kreiger?  I give Lucky an 8 for Mustness, a 9 for Style and a 10 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 9, follow Kreiger.

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